Another goodbye…

Katie, Meghan, and Rosa at our weekly cooking lesson

Meghan is leaving today. Last night we gathered at evening prayer and together sang the song that she had taught us. Afterwards we spoke of all the good things, the things that we would best remember about her and her time with us. I mentioned a scene in Lord of the Rings as apropos. It’s the one in which the Company that began the quest to destroy the ring falls apart: Boromir killed by orcs, Sam and Frodo going it alone, Pippin and Merry taken captive, with Aragorn and the others in pursuit. Because of Meghan’s departure this morning for the States, our Company, too, has come apart.

The decision that had been hinted at was made public on Friday at our weekly review meeting. It had been decided that she was not yet ready for the challenges represented by working in Congo, that it was best both for the mission and for Meghan herself that she not attempt it at this point. Her family had been contacted. A ticket home was purchased. Since then, the change in her demeanor has been remarkable. It is as though she has been freed of a huge weight, with frequent laughter and a light-heartedness that is new. Clearly, despite wanting to go to Congo, she must have been struggling. Her evident happiness is confirmation that the right course was chosen. She still wants to work as a volunteer in some capacity and hopes to yet serve overseas, maybe even with the Canossians. She will be missed. And she still owes us a guided tour of the archaelogical dig at San Clemente. [posted by David]

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