Arrivederci, Roma

Rosa's send-off

“Our bags are packed we’re ready to go…” Isn’t that a Peter, Paul and Mary song?  It may be a paraphrase, but it does describe the reality for us on our last night in this most amazing of cities.  Are we ready to go?  As you may imagine, the jury is still out on that one. 

Last Saturday lunch with the Canossians

I am very ready to be more in charge of my own life and to have my own home.  I am ready to start the work we have been thinking about for months.  I am ready to deal with the reality of life in Dili and not the creation of our imaginings.  I am ready to see what the Lord wants from us and how we rise or fall. 

Last Supper with Fr. Tim, Fr. Jerry, Br. Beau, Marcos, and Diggy. Our 4th "banquet", we demolished salad, tacos, green beans, carrots, potatoes, cake with fruit salad, and two chickens!

I am not ready to speak Tetun or Portuguese, although we are a little farther ahead on Tetun (and may never try Portuguese).  I am not ready to be a great EFL teacher, but at least I know more than I did three months ago. I am not ready to deal with malaria or dengue fever, but pray that your prayers prevent that need.  I am not ready to leave the friends we have made in Roma and the wonderful Canossian sisters who have shown so much love and encouragement to us in our time here.  But goodbyes are not something one can ever prepare for or overcome.  It is truly part of loving, this letting go and  tearing apart.  I understand that only in so far as we give ourselves to others can we establish relationships that tear us apart.  So, with that in mind……rrrriiiiiippppppp!  [posted by Rory]

Br. Beau, Fr. Jerry, and Fr. Tim

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2 Responses to Arrivederci, Roma

  1. Janet says:

    I have enjoyed being in Roma and Jerusalem with you; can’t wait for East Timor. I will offer my mass today for safe travels and quick language skills. You are so very brave!

  2. Claire says:

    what an all star team around the table of the Last Supper! We were all there in spirit. Now you jump from the warm, tasty, pesto-laden frying pan into the hot, humid, probably unsanitary fire. Santa Magdelena…Pray for us!!

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