Good Friday

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, found by the paparazzi

Jesus before Pilate

Easter Vigil 2011 at the Canossian school, Dili, TImor-Leste.

Good Friday is a national holiday here. It was amazingly quiet. Businesses and schools closed and the silence that resulted was remarkable. Praying the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday is a tradition that is found throughout the Catholic world. Here in Timor it occurs much earlier in the day. There was an English version at the Cristo Rey statue outside of town at 7:00. We decided to go to an elaborately enacted version with dozens of local actors at our parish church, St. Joseph Aimutin at 8:00. It was very impressive. Rory noted that in a culture with low literacy such an occasion would have a huge catechetical impact, especially on the children. Seeing the events of the Passion unfold dramatically makes them freshly concrete.

Rory reading at the Easter vigil.

However, the Good Friday observance that tops them all must certainly be the opportunity to be in Jerusalem and trace the events there where Our Lord actually experienced them.  Listen to this clip.  Many thanks to Pat and Bruce Roth.  [posted by David]

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