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Friendship, The Great Consolation

Because we are members of such a smallish foreign community (malae in Tetun), friendships among this group are surprisingly easy gifts to acquire. While at home, I found it a slow process to cultivate a new friendship. Here, I simply … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

A funny side note on the topic of Australian slang. We spent an enjoyable morning at the used clothing stores – Vinnie’s, Good Sam’s, and Salvos. Americans might think of them as St. Vincent de Paul, Good Samaritan, and Salvation Army! … Continue reading

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Kangaroos, Koalas and Quokkas

As you may well imagine, after the refreshments of Perth, the first few hours back in Dili were rather sobering, to say the least. Setting aside the impact of the return to the heat and thick layers of dust, we … Continue reading

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Lamb Barbi on the 32nd Anni

  The translation of the title above, for those of you who might be interested is: a lamb barbeque on the Hoipkemier’s 32nd anniversary in Australia.  I made up the “anni” part, but the Aussies seem to have a predisposition … Continue reading

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