Lamb Barbi on the 32nd Anni

Semester exam

Perth skyline from King's Park (notice the jacket!)

Narelle and Rory posing with a boab tree transplanted from northern Australia

The girl's school at New Norcia


Old friends from Salatiga: Sissi, Bethany, and John

The translation of the title above, for those of you who might be interested is: a lamb barbeque on the Hoipkemier’s 32nd anniversary in Australia.  I made up the “anni” part, but the Aussies seem to have a predisposition to shorten words and make them slang.  We were treated to a lovely barbi of lamb and sausages by our hosts, Craig and Narelle Collas. Craig is the Air Force chaplain I met in Dili who agreed to house us for our first week in Perth.

The city at the end of the rainbow.

David and I are in Perth for two weeks recovering from semester exams and the heat of Dili.  The weather here in their autumn is GLORIOUS and there is nothing else to be said about it! Clear, cool days, sometimes with rain showers, hover around 70 degrees and the nights drop into the high 50s, requiring the weight of blankets for a great night’s sleep.  That is a real change from the last six months in Timor-Leste and very welcome it is. For me, one of the best parts of our visit has been the ability to run each morning in cool, clean air.

Our friends and most generous hosts, Craig and Narelle Collas

On Saturday we had the priviledge of attending the wedding ceremony of Alyssa Davis, the daughter of our friends, John and Bethany, from Salatiga days.  It was truly a  delight to see people from our Indonesian past, many of whom have grown into adulthood in the intervening years.  Alyssa’s brothers were great friends of Adam and Mark and they were there with their wives and child, along with other friends who had flown in from Switzerland and the US. We are visiting the Davises the second week, when the dust settles, in the new couple’s vacant apartment and expect to unravel the events of the many years that have transpired since we left Indonesiain 1998. We also hope to see more of the fabulous city of Perth, which must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Lost Fishermen memorial in Fremantle. Can you find Rory and Narelle?

Thus far we have been to New Norcia, the only wholly Benedictine town in the world, and to King’s Park, the world’s largest inner-city park, set atop a hill overlooking the Swan River. The park provides breathtaking views of this lovely city and helps one understand why so many people are migrating here. Not far from the park is  Fremantle, the coastal part of Perth, which put itself on the world stage when it  hosted the America’s Cup in the 1980s.  It has the charm of an earlier era, retaining some of the old Perth as well as sporting many outdoor cafes.  Especially interesting was the recycling of old warehouses into college buildings. WA’s Notre Dame University purchased many of the old buildings before it became so very trendy and now keeps the area full of students and their activities.  [posted by Rory]

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