Odds and Ends

A funny side note on the topic of Australian slang. We spent an enjoyable morning at the used clothing stores – Vinnie’s, Good Sam’s, and Salvos. Americans might think of them as St. Vincent de Paul, Good Samaritan, and Salvation Army! We saw, too, that their version of Burger King serves “Brekky” beginning at 6:00AM.

Many of you may know that Mark and Naomi and the boys have just completed their year of study in Israel and have safely returned to the States. We are grateful for your concern and prayers during what must have been a challenging time. That 27-hour travel hurdle must have seemed daunting.

Here is an excerpt from the note that Mark sent.
This is just to say that the four of us made it safe and sound to South Bend yesterday, after a total trip of about 27 hours. The boys were wonderful, far exceeding expectations. We were blessed to have bassinets for them in the long leg from Tel Aviv to Philly, and they slept about eight of the twelve hours (as did we, since it left at midnight and arrived at five am). After that, they kept up a steady routine of continuing to eat and sleep every two or three hours, without many episodes of inexplicable crying.  An old chap at the end of the long flight returned the earplugs we had passed out and told us that we had wonderful babies, and that we were great parents, which was very encouraging.  
 They arrived to a rousing welcome and a house lovingly-prepped for them by Claire and John.

We are adults for two months!

We have the unexpected good fortune of WHEELS! Our friend from Nebraska, Mistina, a teacher at a local international school, is doing her summer vacation in the US and has left us her Mitsubishi Pajero, instructing us to use it. We are uncertain how much that will be and are frankly hesitant to undertake any high adventures, given our lack of experience driving a vehicle here. There are a few other minor considerations such as insurance, international driver’s license, and intersections. We’ve had lots of advice  as to how to put it to good use. We’ll keep you posted.

I’ve added an unedited two minute audio clip to the Music page that gives a sense of early morning in our neighborhood. I recorded it at about 6:30. If you listen closely, besides the roosters crowing, the birds singing, and the dog barking, you can hear someone running and our neighbor sweeping the street in front of her house. The one thing that I reget not capturing is the sound of our bread vendor singing out his presence. He didn’t come by this morning.

Classes resumed this week. We are ready… rested and rejuvenated and grateful.    [posted by David]

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