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Who Am I?

No, this is not a knock-knock joke. I have found myself thinking a great deal about who I am in Timor-Leste compared to the person I am in the USA. The persons are startingly different, hardly recognizable to each other. … Continue reading

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Midterm Examination

This week we are doing midterm exams. As every teacher knows, exams not only measure  student achievement. They can tell us something about a teacher.  If students haven’t learned, then whatever else they may have done, teachers haven’t taught. Any definition of … Continue reading

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A Room With a Loo

We’ve just returned from an overnight in Maubisse, the sweet spot of TL’s coffee area, still savoring the chill and the pleasure of sleeping under a blanket. Our adventure began when Katerina invited us to tag along with the Flying … Continue reading

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Moving On

It seems time to make public to our readers what many know privately. After much prayer and many discussions, some with heat and some with light, David and I have decided that we will not be returning to Timor-Leste for … Continue reading

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