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Goodbye, Timor

David:   I hate saying goodbyes, especially those that have a finality about them. John Paul told Sr. Guilhermina that he didn’t want to come to the airport because it was too hard to say goodbye.  I understand. Our final … Continue reading

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Sister Acts

As we near the end of our time here, normal experiences acquire a poignancy that we might not otherwise notice. Sr. Juliana’s birthday celebration is an example. It was a grand occasion, every one of the nearly fifty Canossian sisters … Continue reading

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Mad dogs, Englishmen and Expats

None of the above have the sense to get out of the noon-day sun. On Saturday I completed my third “Dili walk” with a group of hearty, slightly insane, and interesting foreigners, mostly from downunder, who think that fun is … Continue reading

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Growing Pains or Worse?

I have been interested in development issues ever since high school. A huge book for me was The Ugly American. I went off to Northwestern University in 1968 with the idea of entering the Foreign Service. I was determined to … Continue reading

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Counting Down

We will be in Dili for 5 more weeks.  I realize how much I have adapted to this strange place and am a little nervous about adjusting back to life in the wealth and comforts of the USA. I remember clearly … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

No, this is not a knock-knock joke. I have found myself thinking a great deal about who I am in Timor-Leste compared to the person I am in the USA. The persons are startingly different, hardly recognizable to each other. … Continue reading

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Children of Timor, Children of God

On any given day in the US, one can read or hear about the declining state of families, particularly children, in our country.  I do not need to remind anyone of the dismal statistics about child suicide, drug use, and … Continue reading

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