The Balide Girls Choir
These recordings were made of the 40-voice girls choir formed of girls who stay at the Balide Canossian convert. This was their dress rehearsal, the night before the choir led the music at Mass the following day.
Gloria 11-13-2010
Kyrie 11-13-2010
Sanctus 11-13-2010

Claire: We’re Made For Heaven
This clip of Claire singing We’re Made For Heaven is very special to us. We recorded it in South Bend the afternoon that we left for Rome, Claire driving us to O’Hare. She wrote the song while on her long Ignatian retreat last summer.
We’re Made for Heaven

Mark: Salve Regina
This Picasa clip is of Mark singing the Dominican version of the Salve Regina at his baccalaureate mass at Dartmouth in June of 2007. A special thanks to Mr. Eduardo Heighes who graciously recorded it.
Salve Regina

Comoro Sisters
The Sisters at Comoro sang this song for us. 

All School Mass
These clips were recorded 10-24-2011, the day before we left Timor, at an all-school mass held on the eighth anniversary of the founding of the school.
Responsorial Psalm , a particular favorite. It gets in your head and won’t leave. Which is maybe the point.


One Response to Music

  1. claire says:

    wow, those girls really put Mark and I to shame. hard to compete with glorious layers of girls voices and a simple drum beat.

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